7 Reasons To Take Your Kids On A Road Trip

By Damaria Senne

Recently, I've impulsively taken my daughter on a couple of road trips. For simplicity's sake, I chose destinations which were new to her, far enough to make the venture worthwhile but close enough to travel about ten hours maximum.

To keep the costs down, we traveled by coach, rather than flying or driving. Here are some of the benefits I learnt to appreciate while we were on the road trips:

1. The trips add some new and fun to our lives -No longer are we restricted to being city-bound on weekends. If we don't have plans, we can pack up a large cooler bag, hop on a bus and see where it takes us.

2. Keeping in touch with family and friends - If we have friends or family at the other side of the trip, we make the time to visit with them for a while.

3. Time to bond - Travelling together in an enclosed space provides me with the oportunity to learn the details of my daughter's life that I miss in the hustle and bustle of normal life. Also, she can't run away to her room if she doesn't like the conversation, and I can't claim that I'm working when she wants attention. All this helps us grow closer together.

4. See the country on a budget - We choose a top of the line bus for comfort. Still, it's much cheaper than driving or catching a plane. Also, we keep to a strict budget on the trip, bringing some of the food and drinks we'll need, rather than buying along the way.

5. Getting to know the country - The trips have helped my daughter experience parts of South Africa that she would otherwise not have seen until she's grown. Hopefully, it will help with her geography lessons at school, and teach her to appreciate the various aspects of the country she was born to.

6. It's time to rest, recharge - Road trips give us both the time to rest and recharge our batteries. While we're on the trip, our life along with its assorted joys and challenges, is left behind. We need only worry about this trip, this moment. It's a very restful sensation.

7. There is entertainment - We also take along books to read and some electronic gadgets to play with if and when boredom seeps in. The bus line also plays a number of movies, keeping us entertained.

While planning your road trip, keep the following issues in mind:

Make sure the trip does not conflict with prior plans -You know you do not want to be trapped in a bus with a sulking child who is determined not to have fun, no matter what you do.

Small kids do not do well in enclosed spaces- If you have small children / active children who need space to move around, a trip on a bus may not be a good idea. Traveling by RV might be the better option, as it gives your family the space they need.

Keep the costs down - Unless you specifically budgeted for the trip, keep the costs (excluding the fare) to almost the same range as you would spend if you stayed home for the weekend.

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