Maximize Your Income With AdSense Alternatives

By Vill Miranda

Creating Income on the internet is nothing new these days but so many people are still lost! They don't know what to do or how to do it.

Here is a Quick Income Builder for you...

First lets go over the basics of a BLOG... like what is it?

Well a Blog started off as a weblog, or just a place to write personal mental notes that others could see. In time Blogs have changed into Cash Machines! They are making more Money than some well known websites.

Now its Your turn to profit...

I'm going to give you Step by Step instructions in the shortest way possible right now (Dont say I never did anything for You, I know a few Internet Marketers who are going to Hate me for this)

1. Create a BLOG at any Blog Website (if you need help looking go to and search Blogs)

2. Think of a topic You know A LOT about... (can be anything from scrapbooking to what-ever)

3. Make sure that the Name of Your Blog is Relevant to what You are going to write about (i.e. if you write about "Scrapbooks", name the Blog "Scrapbooking 101")

4. You need to post to the Blog at least 2 times per day, post comments, thoughts, tricks, and any other thing you can think about that has to do with the Topic (try to post at least 1 1/2 paragraphs each time)

5. On your Page Layout for your Blog you have the option to place Page Elements or Customize the Blog Page.

6. In these areas you can place AD Space or AD Boxes from Advert Companies (i.e. Adsense, AdBrite, BidVertiser)

7. If you do this right... your Ads will be the most relevant to your topic.
Remember... you need to POST, POST, POST...

If your Blog is set up right you will start to be indexed by the search engines and that will get website traffic to your Blog for free. People will see your Blog when they are searching for that specific topic and as they read through your Blog and see the ADs displays they they just might click on an AD and the Ad Co. will pay You for the Click. Just imagine if you had 100 page views a day and out of that number 10 people clicked on your Ads. It can add up to alot of Money in the long run.

- Dont Click your Ads
- Dont have Friends Click Your Ads
- Dont try to Cheat the System (You will Only LOSE)

I hope this info was a great help to you, this is just one Money Making Trick I Use!
Most people try to make A lot of money from 1 place... it wont happen, create a few Blogs (2 or 3) just to start, and see what happens.

The Best of Luck on Your Income Adventure.

Vill Miranda has been an Internet Marketer since 1996. He is a Firm belief "what goes around comes around", by helping others to their Success to help create a lifetime of Prosperity for all.
"Its not fair to have success and leave others to struggle"

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