The (Office Style) Rules

Here are ten rules to guide you as you get dressed in the morning, half-asleep, in near-darkness, before the coffee kicks in.

1. No casual Fridays, not ever.

2. Actuaries are the worst-dressed professionals, followed by IT guys and orthodontists.

3. Always keep two clean white shirts and a navy-blue blazer in your closet at work.

4. Don't abuse the khakis.

5. There is an 83 percent chance that a man in short sleeves has been called a putz at least once in the previous week.

6. The only thing that belongs on the back of your chair is your back.

7. Jackets go on hangers.

8. Never outdress your boss, unless you expect to have his job shortly.

9. Nothing starts the week better than a good shoe shine. Except for a promotion.

10. Exposed suspenders: no.

An Oversimplified Guide to Mixing Patterns
Don't go cross-eyed in your closet. Here's how to pair shirts and ties without incident or injury.

1. Fine-Striped Shirt
Best bet: textured knit tie.

2. Checkered Shirt
Best bet: dark solid tie with subtle pattern.

3. Windowpane Shirt
Best bet: patterned tie that echoes color of check.

4. Glen-Plaid Shirt
Best bet: thick-striped tie that accents the plaid.

5. Woven Shirt
Best bet: dark tie with stripes that match the shirt.

6. Bengal-Striped Shirt
Best bet: dark solid tie with subtle pattern.

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