Wireless Networks Opening Up To Promote Business & Competition

By Derek Bailey

With the Announcement by Verizon on November 27th, 2007 a change will be coming to the wireless network industry. For many years now wireless companies have used their buying power to make deals for themselves, and leave the open market out of reach for customers. If you wanted the newest cell phone, PDA, or Bluetooth device you had to wait for your company to provide it and the cost were normally outrageous.

Wireless networks in basic terms means the way electronic products can connect to phones, servers and networks. With Verizon opening up its wireless network to all electronics that can pass its basic compatibility test, means that the customer now has the power to drive the market. Businesses will also benefit from the wireless network news by now being able to contact customers with news of their device or feature. The business will have to have it certified with Verizon, but then may market to the public.

In an example here is the timeline involving Motorola's SLVR L7C a sleek phone that was released by Motorola left customers waiting for its release by the cell phone companies. Sprint didn't make this phone available through its shops until November 2006, and in a review was described as being "finally released". Then in January of the next year Verizon made the same phone available on its wireless network. This delay could have been avoided with the new idea from Verizon by simply incorporating the standards for compliance in the build process, and having it reviewed to insure compatibility with the wireless network. In the end it is time for wireless network companies to market and work for the consumer.

If you search for forums looking for news on electronics and cell phones for wireless networks you will find many people waiting for the newest phones and gadgets, and discussions on compatibility. One poster on howardforums.com posted this concerning the Motorola phone listed above; "Is Verizon going to ever offer this phone (SLVR L7) for their carrier?"

While we as customers are familiar with cell-phones and PDA's being marketed in the advertising market, it mainly revolved around a few products that were already approved by and contracted with companies such as Verizon.

This opening of the wireless networks should happen for some companies by the middle of 2008, and with Verizon happening at some point in latter part of 2008.

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