How to Write Description Essays

By Sarah Brodie

This is because descriptive essays are lucid explanations and descriptions. They use sensory details to appeal to readers. They are usually the personal experience of an individual and a means of expressing the individual's attitude and temperament. Consequently essays in this genre are normally subjective. However they could also be objective. Descriptive essays can be about a person, a place, an experience, an object and so on.

The first thing to do before you actually get down to writing a descriptive paper is to try and figure out your reason for the essay. Once you do this you can fashion your paper in such a way as to optimize the effectiveness of your paper. In other words what is the dominant impression that you wish to create in your essay. From the dominant impression will evolve your thesis statement.

The body of your essay should focus on the particular qualities of the object you wish to focus on. In order to accentuate these qualities in a manner that will appeal to your readers you should describe the sights, sounds, smells and everything else that involve the senses and appeal to the readers' emotions.

Let us suppose that you have decided to write a descriptive essay about your grandmother. And suppose you want to describe her frail appearance and the way in which she relates with all her grandchildren. The way you should go about it is by not focusing on generic aspects of frailty and relationships. In a descriptive treatise you will picture for the reader as graphically as possible the way the old woman ambles. You should make it possible for the readers to picture a wiry old woman spending time with all her grandchildren. Your readers should be able to visualize the grey haired lady making an effort to shower her grandchildren with love.

"Show, don't tell". That should be your guiding tenet while writing a descriptive paper. So if you are writing about your grandmother, describe the texture of her wrinkled skin, the shimmer of her silver hair, her feeble voice, her stooping figure. Use sounds, smells and textures and so on that are easy to picture and go directly to the heart. That way your writing appeals to the emotions of your readers and has them deeply involved.

Description essays follow the same general structure as do other essays. So when writing a descriptive essay, try to stick to this structure. In the introduction tell the reader what the focus of your essay is going to be and what aspects of the object you will be focusing on. In the body of the paper describe places, people and events in vivid manner. Delve into the subject in as much detail as possible. Describe the whole thing as you have seen it. Use words that appeal to the senses. And in the conclusion restate the essence of your thesis and summarize your thoughts.
Writing a descriptive essay is not always easy. Hence you may be required to draft and redraft till it shapes out the way you want it to.

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