3 Top Ways to Domain Names

By Sean R Mize

Domain name marketing is fast becoming one of the most lucrative jobs in the internet today. With a lot of online entrepreneurs seeking names that can help their businesses, comes another great way to make money online. If you are very good with naming web sites, you can make millions out of it. Here are the top 3 ways to augment your profits from domain marketing:

1. Find good domain names. Using a keyword suggestion tool and keyword analyzer, identify the keywords or keyphrases that are usually being used by most online users. Mixed and match these words to come up with interesting, short, keyword-rich, and easy to remember names.
You can also use thesaurus to find similar words that carries the same meaning. Register all names that you think will be on demand in the next coming weeks or months.

2. Develop a mechanism that you can use in order to sell the domain names in the most profitable way. You can either put them up on auction sites or you can create your own website. Either way, make sure that your names will get the exposure they need so they can easily be sold.

3. Promote your domain names. If you have decided to create a website where you can put these names up for sale, be sure to drive enormous traffic to it. You can also blog about your site so you can reach more people. In addition, you can utilize article marketing to give your websites and these names the exposure they deserve.

Making money through domain names can be relatively easy if you are familiar with buzzwords circulating in the internet. With these keywords combined with the 3 basic steps, you'll surely profit in no time.

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