How To Write Your First E-Book While You Are Working On Your Next E-Book

By Connie Ragen Green

You may have an idea for an ebook you want to write. This idea may have been in your mind for quite a long time. If you have not written this ebook yet, or if you have been working on it for several months, it may be time to put it away until you write another ebook as your first one. Here are some tips on how to quickly write your first ebook.
  • Stay with the same topic and decide to write a shorter ebook first, just so you can get your writing out to others on the internet.
  • Write a few articles and then use them in your ebook to provide good, solid information to your readers.
  • Use the outline format to divide your book into chapters and then work for an hour or so to write each chapter.
  • Write an introduction, short bio about yourself, a conclusion, and a list of resources for your reader to go to after they have finished reading. If you are affiliate for any of these resources, be sure to include the absolute links as well as anchor text. This will ensure that you get credit for these products and services when people print out your writing.
  • Spend time to find a title that is catchy and keyword rich. A good title will help you to sell more copies and will get more attention online.
Using these tips will help you to move past the stage of being a beginning writer. As soon as you finish writing this first, shorter book, begin work immediately on the ebook you intended to write in the first place.

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