Boldness and Success Go Hand-In-Hand

By Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD

A bold attitude will inspire you to seek out an entirely new range of oftentimes challenging experiences.

“Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.” --Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
“Fortune befriends the bold.” -- John Dryden

Feelings of boldness can influence the choices you make. You may feel compelled to step out of your comfort zone, personally or professionally, so that you can explore all that the world has to offer. In your zeal to enjoy new experiences, you might occasionally feel a sense of discomfort at being out of your element. This is part of the growth process. Your courage can sustain you as you immerse yourself in unfamiliar territory and struggle to learn who you truly are. If you feel lost or directionless, you can get back on track by seeking out a mentor/coach, who understands your quest for change.

Personal and professional growth tends to be uncomfortable precisely because it requires you to face challenges that are entirely new. While it is possible to make small leaps in evolution without broadening your horizons to the extreme, the progress you achieve will invariably be more profound when you remove yourself from your comfort zone in order to face the unknown head on. This requires faith on your part, as it will be rare that you are totally sure that your efforts to discover more about yourself and about the world around you will be met with total success. However, the rewards you eventually come to are frequently worth the temporary stress caused by your departure from all that you have embraced as fact in the past.

Success is the progressive realization of meaningful goals. This definition means that you will continually realize success one goal at a time with another goal waiting to be realized. Goals, by definition, are: measurable, achievable, observable and timely—you set your own goals—and how to measure them.

Goals are quantitative—winning an award, meeting an earnings goal or sales quota, obtaining a new job or promotion, getting married, losing weight, pulling off an event you organized, taking a trip, learning a sport, etc. Or they can be qualitative—forgiving someone, facing a crises with tact, compassion, level headedness and leadership, or reaching out to others, changing a bad habit, improving communication or relationship skills, etc.

Quantitative and qualitative goals may be declared in every area of your life, and if they are important to you, they are how you create a meaningful life.

“Be bold, be bold, and everywhere be bold.” --Herbert Spencer

“Live daringly, boldly, fearlessly.” --Henry J. Kaiser

“It is easy to be brave from a safe distance.” -- Aesop

“Courage is the greatest of all the virtues. Because if you haven't courage, you may not have an opportunity to use any of the others. --Samuel Johnson

“Boldness in business is the first, second, and third thing.” --H. G. Bohn

Dorothy M. Neddermeyer, PhD, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Author, "101 Great Ways To Improve Your Life." Dr. Dorothy has the unique gift of connecting people with a broad range of profound principles that resonate in the deepest part of their being. She brings awareness to concepts not typically obvious to one's daily thoughts and feelings.

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