There Are So Many Clubs And Materials That I Am Going Crazy!

By Robert Petrucci

Lots of my clients always asked me:"Robert, there are so many clubs on the market and I am going crazy because I spent thousands of dollars and never see a difference".Well let me give you a brief explanation on how you should choose your clubs and materials.This is very relative to your swing and speed which will help you choosing the right club.

Golf club heads can be fabricated from numerous materials. Zinc AND ALLOYS are mainly used in beginner’s sets and putters.. HST Aluminum is a much harder aluminum and is well-liked in very large drivers. 431 stainless steel is a softer stainless steel very frequently used in high superiority iron heads. 17-4 stainless steel is harder steel found in specialized quality irons and wood heads. Maraging metal is a stainless steel put through an extraordinarily particular hardening procedure that makes it much much harder and is a current material for the faceplates in the top performing woods. Titanium is the most pricey material used in making golf clubs heads and combines light weight and outstanding strength. Titanium is used today in the maximum end woods manufactured.

Do not confound Ti-Alloy with Titanium. Ti-Alloy stuff are Aluminum products with bit basics of Titanium that try to take advantage of the Titanium name. Ti-Alloy products are along with the least expensive and are meant for beginners or for junior who does not want to spend lots of money for golf equipment. Other materials include ceramics, graphite and plastics. We don't see those much anymore, but they should commence to make a return in the next few years as manufacturing technologies progress.

No matter what material you have, specially for beginners, will not correct any slices or hook .There is some offset driver that we will talk later. Of course if you hit less then 200 yards, any hard metals like beta-titanium or maraging, will not make any difference, simply because you will not be able to create a trampoline effect on the club face.However if you hit over 250 yards, that means, that you are swinging over 100 miles per hour, therefore, a good beta titanium or maraging materials will help you adding more distance, as every trampoline effect, that you create on your golf club, helps you obtaining more distance.So stop thinking that you will hit 300 yards,if you swing at 80 miles per hour,because it is all balance between your speed and your swing. The most important factor for distance is the transfer of your body on your downswing which will help you adding more yards.

Thanks and have a nice game


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