Seven Ways to Send Targeted Traffic to your Website Part I

By Mark Fortimer

There are many different methods that can be used to send traffic to your website, but some are better than others, and some can also provide more targeted traffic that others, comprising visitors that are focussed on what you have to offer.

The first is article marketing. Submission of a few well written articles on the subject of your website to a number of the top article directories will generate you more traffic that you would believe. Many people have stopped paying for PPC advertising after finding that article marketing provides them with all the traffic they need.

It is important that the author’s resource box is used to provide a link back to a page on your website that is targeted to the topic of the article. By doing that you will satisfy the interest of the visitor, and once you have done that the rest is up to you.

If you can find a few forums that are devoted to the subject of your website then join them. Take part and make a few postings. Ask questions or, better still, answer them. Get your name known, and then start to work on being known as an expert in your niche. Solve problems for other forum members and slowly bring in your website address. You can introduce it as a good place for finding answers, but be careful to do it slowly. Too fast and the forum members will think you are using it only to advertise and you will be kicked off.

Advertising in ezines is an excellent way of getting traffic to your website. There are ezines on just about every niche under the sun, so find those that relate to yours and write asking if you can place an advert. Find out the terms, though ezine advertising can be very inexpensive. Readers will be targeted to the topic of the niche, so also to your site.

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