New Stop Smoking Medication - Which One Is The Most Effective

By Peter Finch

Several therapies have entered the market to help smokers curb the smoking habit. No sooner is one treatment method entrenched in the market than another new stop smoking medication makes its debut on the shelves. This inundation of treatment methods has actually flummoxed the person who wants to give up smoking. If you are a smoker thinking to give up, then it is necessary to make a comparison of the various kinds of new stop smoking medication so that you know what will work the best for you.

Nicotine replacement methods are not that new actually - they have spent some years on the shelves. But still they are so popularly used nowadays that people think they are new entrants in the market. These come in various forms like patches, gums, lozenges, etc. All of them contain nicotine as the main ingredient. When a person uses a nicotine replacement product, then he or she is getting a fix of nicotine, which helps to keep away the urge for the real cigarette. This works because pure nicotine is not as harmful as the other ingredients in the cigarette, especially tar.

But even with nicotine replacement methods, depression is common. In fact, the depression could lead to the person becoming demoralized and return back to active smoking. For this reason, different antidepressants have been developed. In fact, popular new stop smoking medication is in the form of antidepressants such as varenicline (brand name Chantix) and buproprion (Wellbutrin). Both of these help the body's nervous system to cope with the depletion of active nicotine from the receptor cells, which controls the depression.

These drugs are also helpful to a great extent in cold turkey situations. Doctors prescribe both Chantix and Wellbutrin to a large extent, but suggest the quitting smokers to keep the medications supplemented with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

However, antidepressant drugs have one great failing - they cannot be used in all kinds of people. There are several contraindications for them, and people with serious disease conditions like diabetes mellitus and liver and kidney problems must strictly avoid their use. In some people - especially young teens - both varenicline and buproprion can stimulate suicidal tendencies.

That is the reason why the very new stop smoking medication - the herbal remedies - have become so hugely popular. These contain a very judicious blend of herbs that can work in several ways to heal a person from smoking addiction. Herbs like Saint John's Wort and chamomile have been used for their antidepressant properties for centuries, while herbs like lobelia and cinnamon can actually make the taste of nicotine unbearable to a smoker. For this reason, a proper formulation of these herbs can cure the smoking addiction like nothing else can.

Apart from acting as antidepressants, these herbal remedies can flush out the toxic buildup in the smoker's body. This is a very advantageous edge over other new stop smoking medications that are thronging the market.

Among the recent popular brands that have infiltrated the market, remedies like SmokeRX stand apart simply because they have the right blend of herbs and not just fillers. For this reason, these remedies work very effectively and also show quick results. In fact, their acting time is oftentimes so short that the person can completely quit smoking, without having to go through the excruciating cold turkey phase.

Also, it is slightly wrong to classify herbal remedies as new stop smoking medication, because they have been in use since thousands of years. It is only recently that products are being made by blending several of these effective herbs in the right proportion.

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