Dream Interpretation and Happiness

By Christina Sponias

The dreamer who dares to make the dangerous trip inside one's psychic sphere is the hero who is searching for happiness and wisdom in the darkness of the soul. The hero can get lost if he or she is not prudent but the hero can also find diamonds!

Carl Jung was very afraid of this journey into the soul, because he was the first one to discover this road. The treasure one finds at the end of the trip is enough to save the person and everyone around the person because one becomes wise and acquires psychic health. However, the dangers in the road are many, since craziness is always threatening everyone.

Jung couldn't see the dangers clearly. This is the reason why he had to stop at some point of the trip. He accepted ignorance and decided that the unconscious side that produces dreams is like a counsellor for the human being, who has to make decisions based on one's conscience.

Many people followed his example and I was one of them. However, I could not accept ignorance because the unconscious encouraged me to continue the research and scientific discoveries made in several different fields after Jung's death only confirmed the unconscious wisdom in other facets of reality.

So, I decided to completely trust the unconscious and abandon my human conscience, since I realized my conscience was selfish and egoistic. The unconscious' wisdom is doubtless because it has a saintly character. Sanctity and wisdom are in fact synonyms because they are dependent on one another.

A real wise person is also really saintly because there is only stupidity and suffering in evil. A saintly person is always wise, even if one doesn't have a good education or diplomas, because sanctity is based on goodness, piety, patience, sincerity, comprehension and sensitivity, which are also the basic components of wisdom.

Continuing the dangerous trip in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere, I discovered the evil primitive conscience that tries to destroy the human conscience through craziness. This is the danger that Jung was afraid of, but it doesn't come from the unconscious as he believed, but from the ancient part of the human conscience.

Completely trusting the unconscious guidance in my dreams, I could overcome schizophrenia and cure many people by interpreting their dreams and helping them solve their simple daily problems as a sister to them. The diamonds I found are sufficient to cure humanity completely.
However, each one has to find one's own diamonds alone; otherwise, the psychic sphere won't develop as it should, and one won't become really wise.

The diamonds are formed by psychological health, wisdom, goodness, physical health, balance, peace and happiness. They can save anyone and are eternal.

The trip inside the human psychic sphere is no longer the dangerous adventure described by Carl Jung, since the light of truth can now give us the protection we need. Now we know who the enemy is and how we can avoid its traps, until we eliminate its influence and energy, transforming this violent part of our conscience into a human and sensitive part that will be alarmed by terror and afraid of violence.

The human being has to be good, calm and comprehensive in order to be balanced and find happiness in life. In fact, one has to build one's own happiness, firstly transforming one's soul, so that one may improve the world and help everyone find happiness as well.

Prevent Depression and Craziness through the scientific method of Dream Interpretation discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by Christina Sponias, a writer who continued Jung's research in the unknown region of the human psychic sphere.
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