See What Google Adword Tracking Tool Can Do For You!

By Mark Edelson

Adwords are ordinary English words that have become special triggers to allow a website to appear when they are entered into a search engine, such as Google. Understandably, the use of such a powerful word is sought after strenuously. Google has come up with an ingenious method of determining the use of these words. They offer the advertisers an auction opportunity. If a common word, such as advertising, were sought by several thousand website owners, there would be chaos. By auctioning this word to the highest bidders, who would get the best search engine spots, Google can create a little order in the process. They have developed a program to help, the Google Adword tracking tool.

Google charges by the traffic, the clicks, that this word brings to the advertiser's website. If you are a high bidder on this Adword, you would get a spot close to the top of the responses that appear when it is typed into the 'search' bar. By being close to the top, it is much more likely that a searcher would click on that website rather than scrolling down a hundred or more other offerings. Sometimes, if the word is very common, there could be over 10 thousand websites presented to them. No one is patient enough to wade down through 1,000 sites, let alone 10 times that much. It would be best to be one of the top 10 or 15 websites if you hope to recoup any advertising money.

Advertisers want to have some solid information on the results of the use of their money for the Adword. Google has developed some very complex analytical programs to provide a lot of specific information to the advertiser. The analytical information is provided by a program called an Adwords tracking tool. The Adwords tracking tool will provide in just a few seconds the number of hits, those actually clicking on their website. Since each response (click) can cost the advertiser anywhere from 1 penny to $50.00, they get very serious.

With the Adword tracking tool, Google can provide the advertiser with how long a searcher stays on their site, whether or not they purchase anything, which adwords bring better results, and how much the Adword costs in relationship to the sales it generates. Google can also supply a list of Adwords likely to generate traffic and ones that are very weak. All of this data is obtained from the cookies that Google plants on the individual computers, without the searcher's knowledge. While not very popular with most people, cookies are not illegal either. Cookies are very important to the operation of the internet. Without the information that Google is able to glean from their cookies, much less would be known about effective advertising on the web and most advertisers would waste a much larger portion of their budget.

This short explanation of the Adword tracking tool offered by Google was simplified and shortened. There is so much more to be learned that it would require a small book to get all the details in.

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