Pay Per Click Goes Video

By Sameer Kh

Google is the most innovative search engines and this has been proved time and time. Google just announced that it will provide a whole new platform for providing PPC VIDEO ads. It has already starting testing different types of paid ads including images, maps and interactive ads.

Google's vice president Marissa Mayer mentioned in the latest press conference that text based ads are not a good solution for website having videos and other web content because users will usually ignore the text.

The video ads will play only if they are clicked. However, there are lots of questions going around in the SEO circles on whether this strategy will decrease the importance of organic search which are normally text based.

Ms. Mayer also informed "People who advertise a movie want to show a trailer. Why shouldn't they have the same format we use for search results and have a little plus box that says watch the trailer?"

The entire focus of Google is still to maintain the original relevancy concept and the new ads platform will just be an added benefit of using paid advertising.

Right now, to advertise on PPC video, the advertisers will pay the same amount of money they are paying for text based ads. To advertise your first video ad you must create a regular AdWords accounts and follow the instructions to create video ad campaign.

Google is going to start the test site from today and the target market will be companies who want to advertise their brand instead of a product or service.

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