Wash, Rest, and Wear- Guide to Extending the Life of Your Bra!

By Susan Gilbert

You would not wear dirty underwear, so don't wear dirty bras. Bras need to be rotated on a daily basis. If you overwear a bra, it loses it's form and structure quickly. This can lead to back problems, breast tenderness, and more. The rule of thumb is to buy at least three bras at a time.
You need to buy the same three exact everyday bras: one to wash, one to rest, and one to wear.
  1. Wash- You should always follow the directions on the tags. The manufacturers know their bras. Some bras are more delicate than others. Some bras melt. If the tags are not present, wash the bras carefully by hand. Use a gentle soap or a mild detergent. Drip dry the bras or dry them on a flat surface away from the sunlight. Face it ladies, some of us still want the convenience of the washing maching. The washing machine takes away from the life of the bra quickly. If you must, wash the bras on a delicate cycle in cold water. Separate the colors. Fasten all the hooks in the back or front of the bra and place the bra in a lingerie bag before you place the items in the wash. Do not place in the dryer! Again, this will take away from the life of the bra. If you must, keep the bras in the lingerie bag and tumble dry at the lowest setting possible.
  2. Rest- Keep at least one everyday bra in your dresser drawer. The most popular everyday bras are seamless, molded bras in nude, white, and ivory. Molded bras keep the nipples from showing and provide extra support. Light colors keep the bra from showing. You can also have an everyday black color if you wear dark clothing. Bras must rest and be rotated in order to last. If they are constantly being washed, they get worn out exceptionally quick. Signs of an over worn bra include wrinkles in the bra cup, band riding up in the back, and straps falling off the shoulders. Lack of support can lead to aches and pains in the back, shoulder, breast area, and neck. Bras also need to be replaced every six months. Rotate your bras ladies. Rest your bras. When they show signs of wear, replace your bras.
  3. Wear- Wear a proper fit bra. Wear a bra that fits your outfit. Use the bra fitting guidelines to ensure a proper fit. For the overall bra: breasts are midway between shoulders and elbows, bra does not leave deep marks or lines on the body, breast are supported. For the band size: band is snug but not tight around the torso, band lies parallel to the floor (no riding up), new bra should fit on loosest hook, back of band stays in place with no back fat and enough room for two fingers. For the cup size: center gore should lie flat with room for a finger, cups should encase breast with no spillage, underwires should rest on hard side of rib cage without poking, sups should fit smoothly (no gaps or puckering). For the bra straps: shoulder straps secure but not tight, straps should be comfortable without pressure or cutting (support comes from band not straps).
Support your girls and make your bras last. The three simple rules are wash, rest, and wear. If you make your bras last through rotations, your body will be cleaner, healthier, and happier. Your bras will last longer and your pocket book will be lighter.

Three good bras are the breast investment that you can make for yourself. Happy Shopping!
Susan Gilbert is the owner of Diva Bras,
http://www.DivaBras.com Our company has gone to numerous local and International trade shows. We have talked to fit experts from the following manufacturers and more: Chantelle, Le Mystere, Goddess, Fantasie, Freya, Enell, Aviana, Simone Perele, Panache.

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