The Best Ab Workout: Hip Hop Abs

By Brett Maynard

When I first saw the info commercial for Hip Hop Abs it was late at night and I was eating a bag of microwave pop corn. It was around early springtime and I had been going on a not so healthy food binge and was starting to get annoyed by my eating habits and non physical lifestyle.

So when I saw the advertisement for Hip Hop Abs it made me somewhat excited because it was something that looked fun. You get to learn how to dance and grove, and all without doing a single sit-up or crunch. However, I was also skeptical because I've always tried many ways to get rid of my belly flab that I've had ever since I was around 12, but nothing ever seemed to really work, so I thought I would give it a try. I placed an order online and it got it within about two weeks.

The package came with three DVDs, a tape measure, a eating guide, and a guide that shows you the best ways to follow the program week by week. Two DVDs that they give you each have different programs that target certain areas of your mid section differently, and the last one is a five minute workout for on the run.

Before I even put on a single piece of workout attire I put the first DVD in and just watched most of it. There is a section on the first DVD that shows you how to 'tilt, tuck, and tighten' that is the basic movement to learning how to get a grove while giving your abs a core workout. After mimicking Shawn T. ( the instructor ) for a couple of times, it actually felt it working and was super easy.

So I ended up getting my running shoes on and moved my couch over a little so I would have some room for the workout. I also made sure I was alone for the time being, not knowing how I would look in the world of dance for the first time.

I'll be honest with you. The first time I did it, it felt really foreign and weird to me. I never went clubbing or dancing before this and I knew it showed. However, the next time I did it, I focused more on my 'own grove and style' like it says to do, and I found that it got more effective and easy. Plus, with Shawn T's entertaining advise guiding you along the way it becomes more and more engaging and fun.

After the first week I could tell that my stomach was shrinking a lot. By the first month and a half I lost about three inches, and that's a lot for me because my metabolism is so slow. I remember years before I would run miles and do hundreds of crunches in the months of the summer just to lose an inch or more, but it hardly ever would dramatically change the appearance of my stomach.

Hip hop Abs is an 'absolute engagement' program that combines an excellent cardiovascular workout with high impact muscle for effective targeting, and sculpting for the abs, hips, buns, and thighs.

Growing up as a very chubby kid when I was younger, I just thought it would always be with me and it would never change. That's why I was extremely excited when I was seeing results within the first month of this program.

I think the best thing about Hip Hop Abs is that you can do it for a while, get off of it and your weight will not come back. You can start up from where you left off and, as long as you don't go and pig out everyday, you will keep the weight off while having fun.

Brett M. is a student interested in humanities, media arts, writing, and film. He struggled with weight problems when he was younger.

You can visit Brett's page on Hip Hop Abs

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