Wedding Dress Self Defense

By Kristy Bloch

I know traditionally that I am supposed to save my wedding dress and give it to my daughter one day, but the darn thing is taking up too much space. Besides, if she’s anything like me, she’ll want something much “cooler” or up-to-date than what her Mom wore way back in 2007. So I’ve decided to sell it.

Sounds simple enough right? Place a classified ad in the paper or online, and some sweet, grateful, bride-to-be without much money will be able to look beautiful on her big day.

But that’s exactly how a predator called the “wedding dress rapist,” found his victims.

Terrorizing women in Alabama and Colorado, police believe this maniac is still roaming the streets. While his identity is unknown, police know that he finds his victims by looking through “Wedding Dress for Sale” classified ads.

Saying that he wanted to buy the dress for his daughter, once in the victim's home he would overpower and rape them.

Now here’s the good news…
Not all of the women this creep tried to attack became victims.

One woman who was called about her ad by this guy, refused to meet with him as each time he called her from a different number. In another case, from the moment the guy came in the door the women selling her dress had a bad feeling.

When he asked if she could wear for him, she told him to leave, and he attacked her. Unlike his other victims, she fought back using good self defense moves that targeted vital areas like the head and groin. She beat him pretty good and threw him out of her home. Neighbors chased after the guy and even took a picture of his car, but he escaped before police arrived.

The best way to win a fight against an attacker is to never get allow one to happen. If you don't like how someone sounds over the phone, or through the door, don't let them in your home. If your instincts tell you not to go a certain direction, or that there is something wrong with somebody, listen…because you are probably right.

If you walk alone, try to find the safest route even if it takes a little longer. Don't always leave at the same time, and know more then one way to get home. If you are approached your first move should always be to run away.

As the instructor mentor for the International Association of Close Combat Professionals, I work with a number of highly skilled self-defense instructors. Many of which have female students who successfully fought off attackers.

In all cases, the key element that made their self defense training work each and every time was that they were attentive to their surroundings and made their move when they needed to.

In this busy world it is easy to overlook safety because most of the time things run fine. There are a lot of nice people in this world, and most do business with strangers every day without incident. But it is vitally important for every woman to remember that there are plenty of dangerous people as well that will exploit any opportunity you hand them.

When it comes to self defense keep it simple. Get away at the first opportunity, and if you have to fight, hurt them until you're able to get away.

This is not a game, not a sport, and not a martial arts competition. This is a matter of life and death, and you have to;

1) Have proper, legitimate self defense training (Not kiddie street corner Karate)
2) Be smart and vigilant in all your dealings with strangers
3) Be ready to fight for your life and to protect your body if you need to

You do not need to live a life of constant fear and paranoia to apply these tactics, just a little preparation and some good old fashioned common sense. Like the common sense not to invite a strange man over your house to look at your wedding dress (I’ll be using EBay to sell mine).

Kristy Bloch is an Instructor Mentor in the International Association of Close Combat Professionals. She left the corporate world behind in order to pursue her true passion martial arts. She has train in various martial arts including Karate, Judo, and Jujitsu. She is a long time advocate of women's self defense. For more information:

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