Seven Ways to Send Targeted Traffic to your Website Part II

By Mark Fortimer

If you put a blog on your site and make regular postings it is likely to be listed by search engines. People looking for information on your niche are liable to find your blog and be led to your website. Not only that, but if the have RSS on their own websites and get regular feeds on topics related to their own niche, they are liable to receive a feed of your blog. Blogging is a great way not only of getting highly targeted traffic, but also of keeping it there and ensuring a high ratio of return visits.

If you have just started out in internet marketing, and have just put your first website online, you will need a quick injection of traffic to get you going. A quick PPC (pay per click) advertising campaign will get you up and running fairly quickly. Make sure that you set yourself a budget, however, and stop when you reach it. Some people like Google Adsense, but other prefer Yahoo Search Marketing. If I were you, I would try a bit of both for a week and then go with the one you like best. Run the same ad on each for a direct comparison of results.

Many people fail to understand how many people use website directories. Even the smaller directories can generate traffic, and most offer free submission options. It might take a long time for a free listing to become active, but it will generate traffic. If you want to pay a small amount monthly, or even annually, you should get even more traffic. Website directories are effective and the traffic is generally highly targeted.

Have you ever though about bulk email marketing? No, it’s not spamming, it’s sending off emails to millions of people who have agreed to receive them. There are several companies that offer this service, and a small one-off payment allows you to send emails to millions of people every day. Even at a tiny 0.1% open rate, your emails will still get read by thousands of people. Try it – it works for lots of people and it should work for you. The traffic your ads attract will be highly targeted if your advert is focussed on your products or services.

There are many more ways to send targeted traffic to your website, but if you start with these seven, then you will get a massive boost after which you can drop the poorer performing, and try something else.

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