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By Jeannette Maw

The 4th of July annual celebration reminds us not to take our freedom for granted. We’re prompted to consciously acknowledge and appreciate the independence won years ago, and to support our government’s continuing efforts to maintain our citizen rights.

However, with a sector of Americans at odds with our leaders, feeling misrepresented, unheard and deceived, some feel anything but gratitude for our unperceived freedoms. Frustration and disempowerment are often more typical feelings for those who oppose the leadership of our government.

But true freedom isn’t dependent on outside conditions; it doesn’t require particular circumstances be in place for us to feel peace. In fact, if we require certain situations to exist before we acknowledge freedom, we are anything but free.

True freedom lies within. Until we tap into that truth we’re at the mercy of the world around us for our peace of mind, joy and any other emotions we attach to liberty.

What is Freedom?The word “freedom” itself invites the idea of being able to do as we please. The dictionary definition includes “being exempt from external control or interference,” “at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint,” and “the state of political or national independence.”

When we consider the nature of independence and liberty in our daily lives, many Americans – arguably the most privileged citizens to walk the planet - don’t feel strongly connected to these facets. We speak as if we’re slaves to a job or life responsibilities or even time. We believe that without an abundance of time, money or health, we aren’t free to live the lives we really want.
And with those thoughts we would be right; we are enslaved. Not by our job or position in life, but by our thoughts of such.

Our true freedom lies in our ability to deliberately choose our thoughts and feelings. When we practice choice of thought we no longer require things “out there” to be a certain way to feel peace “in here.” Our “feel good” comes from within. And it’s there waiting for us whenever we choose to entertain it.

Which means developing the discipline to choose how we think and feel is where we meet true freedom. When we realize we don’t have to have a certain amount of money in the bank, particular brand of government in office, health status, or whatever else we might condition our “feel good” on, we embrace authentic personal liberty.

How to Be FreeSince the foundation of freedom lies in our power to choose thoughts and feelings, we can embrace that power by developing a discipline of conscious choice. To resist the knee-jerk reactive thoughts that don’t feel good. And to find our way, one better-feeling thought after another, to more pleasant feelings.

As we practice conscious choice of thought, we no longer need the boss to acknowledge our contribution to feel good about our job. We don’t have to get an anniversary present to appreciate our spouse. We don’t require six months of living expenses saved up in order to sleep well.

The additional beauty of this practice is that once we regularly spend time with more pleasant thoughts, we attract a more pleasant life. One where bosses offer generous acknowledgements, spouses treat us like gold and money flows in abundance. Which just turns out to be icing on the cake, since we didn’t need any of that to enjoy life beforehand.

So next time you find yourself in a stressful conversation about the importance of patriotism, evils of terrorism, or whatever topic might inspire your negative feelings, remember your true freedom lies in your ability to choose your thoughts and how you feel. Instead of being stuck in anger or resentment, exercise your liberty to find your way to a better-feeling thought. Be picky about the thoughts you entertain.

Similarly, when you recognize you’re resisting a situation or circumstance in life, use it as an opportunity to come back to your personal freedom. Remember you are free to choose how you perceive it and how you feel. As you do so, you’ll find your sense of freedom increasing dramatically without anything else around you needing to change.

Our thoughts create our world. Until we consciously choose our thoughts, we are slaves to reality and are abandoning the freedom that is our human birthright. This holiday, celebrate your internal liberty to find your way to thoughts that create the world you want. Namaste.

Jeannette Maw is an Attraction Coach and founder of Good Vibe Coaching in Salt Lake City, Utah who helps clients get what they want using the Law of Attraction. She is co-author of "101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life, Vol. 3" and "Inspired Attraction," and speaks regularly on the topic of deliberate creation.

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