The American Dream - Now a Nightmare

By Arleen Kaptur

Sugar and spice is suppose to be a part of a child's dream. Today the dreams of the little ones are of fear of going to school, and fear that the government will take their mom or dad and send them far away, sometimes they will not come back.

For adults, dreams are a chance to live out hopes, and ideals. Once again, the dreams of yesterday are only a memory, while those of today are a mixed basket of lies, gluttony for power, and executive privileges that would have rocked the world of the Stalin/Hitler eras. But sad to say, the dreams of the American people now cause them to wake up in a sweat and a state of panic. Foreclosures of homes are at an all time high, food prices have skyrocketed to the degree that a human need now has become a budget problem. Jobs are not secure and neither are the borders. Education depends on money, not on the quest for knowledge or paving the way for the future of our young ones. Children face metal detectors and drills for possible school shootings. Quite a change from the ideal - schools being a place to learn and grow not to study in fear and trepidation.

Is the American dream lost forever? Does this generation as well as future generations have to face nightmarish news and futile struggles to survive and enjoy everyday living? The answer lies in the hearts of every American - if you give up your rights to the American dream, then expect the nights to be long and torrid. When daybreak comes instead of sunrises and cool breezes, the heat of government oppression by evoking unheard-of powers, and the hunger of huge corporations for profits that are a national disgrace when families are made to do without, children are hungry, and the elderly suffer for lack of funds to buy medication, is a devastating way to start the day.

There can be awesome sunrises and brilliant sunsets in the future of America - it will take courage, strength and the intent of all the people. Party politics must be laid aside and the "cream of the crop" must be picked and placed in the White House. The current administration's legacy is filled with doom and gloom but rainbows have been known to appear after the most terrific storms. Something to think about.

©Arleen M. KapturJuly, 2007

Arleen M. Kaptur has written many books and articles on everyday living and finding peace and joy in all we do.

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